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The Home is an organized infrastructure, opened to all identities across the country, whose initial goal is to develop inter-communal connections between the Jewish and the Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, to promote activities based on respect for man and the land, and to raise for public clarification the issue of the political future of the Land of Israel.

The goal of The Home is to create a gradual process that will lead to the creation of a political outline for a shared future between Jews and Arabs, and to prosperity, respect and security for the people of the land - as each person is entitled to in his or her home.

With the understanding that the status quo is unsustainable and that the institutionalized concept of a two-state solution fails to meet the needs of all parties, The Home functions as a framework in which a wide range of local initiatives, organizations, public figures and activists can produce mutual understandings and collaborations.

We believe that combining out-of-the-box thinking, taking responsibility and personal and community empowerment, rather than managing the conflict and fostering victim mentality - will lead to the emergence of a new political outline.

Our Modes of Action


1. Coordination meetings: The Home initiates meetings between residents from neighboring communities in the heart of the country, including the people who live in the hostile communities at the heart of the conflict, sitting around the same table, for coffee. These meetings include a brief introductory round, joint action planning and open discussion about history, identity, reality, and political alternatives for our future in the country.

2. Community Interaction: The Home implements vision and values ​​through gradual action. Our main activity - "Cleaning The Hate" (CTH), expresses common respect for the country through doing things for nature and the environment.

3. Public Discussion: Along with a discussion of the political outline we are promoting - the Ten Step Evolution", The Home initiates and participates in a conference organization where challenging and open discussions takes place in public. Speakers from a wide range of identities and beliefs express creative political thoughts, while the discussion takes place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and freedom of expression. This discussion is designed with the aim of bringing together diverse and even opposing world views for shared thinking and discussion, in order to create clarity regarding the past and the present, for ourselves as well for the other, and to think together about the future.

The Home's Values


1. Patience.

2. Unity and not uniformity.

3. Refusal to serve foreign interest holders.

4. Promoting equal human rights for all residents.

5. Loyalty to maintaining the respect and the cleanliness of the Land of Israel.

6. Joint and separate action as parts for the greater good of the whole.

7. Building trust relationships between neighboring and hostile communities as a cornerstone for true peace.

8. Recognizing the different and unique connections between Jews and Palestinians to all parts of the country.

9. Inclusive cooperation that is open to the wide range of identities, opinions and beliefs of the people of the country.

10. The front door of The Home is wide open to all residents of the country, but also open outside to those who will choose to violate the trust we give in them.

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