The Goal

People from different identities are cleaning the land uniquely for each place and community, together and separately, and for one purpose: To build trust between people from hostile communities, combined with direct action for the nature and the environment.

The Background

Cleaning The Hate is the main initiative of The Home organization. The activity is aimed at creating a cleaner and less hostile environment between people and communities, and on the basis of unity for the greater good of all its various components - the nature, the homeland or the Holy Land, for which many fight over, yet many among us, disgracefully, disrespect it and practically treat to as an ashtray or dump.


Maintaining respect for the land through its physical cleanliness is the basis for joint and separate actions to build trust, psychologically, between different and hostile communities throughout the country, and to establish relationships through common action on the basis of human-to-human dignity. The actions are done together and separately, to express the differences and uniqueness of each culture and community.

The Essence

CTH exists mainly in Judea and Samaria and in various parts of the country, combining action with environmental and cultural awareness, without salaries, without funding from foreign funds and almost without any financial investment.


Some clean for the love of the motherland.

Some clean for nature and the environment.

Some clean for the sanctity of the Land of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.


Whatever the reason may be, we are doing something together for something bigger than all of us.


It is a right to live in the Holy Land, therefore it is a must to treat it accordingly.

The Solomon Trial: The woman who chose the child's division failed to argue for the right to motherhood.

The Home Law: People who choose the homeland division fail to argue for the rights to the land.

The Home Rule: Trash for Peace instead of Lands for Peace.

The Home Test:


• People have no right to claim that the land is their home as long as they treat it as a landfill or an ashtray.

• No one has the right to complain about reality as long as they has not taken responsibility for the purpose of making the country a cleaner and better place for all its inhabitants.

• If you choose to be against cleaning our home - then it is probably not your home.

As an organization, we put ourselves to the test of patience and persistence. We intend to reduce and purify the Land of Israel from hatred and pollution, and so, even if we have not yet achieved our goals, we have cleaned our country in the meantime, we have done something for the common good, and we have shown that we deserve the right that comes out of respect for the land.

Key Principles in this Activity:


1. Simplicity: Use a camera, CTH stickers, black and white garbage bags, gloves, antiseptic and coffee intended for post-activity discussion.

2. Inclusivity: The activity is open to the public and everywhere in the country. Tourists are also welcome to assist.

3. Order and safety: Collecting garbage is not intended to create friction against law enforcement and human life risk.

We see the garbage and cigarette butts found throughout the country as opportunities to create a process of connecting from a place of difference.


Eventually, we are one Semitic family and have known each other for thousands of years. The present is not a permanent state, and reality continues to evolve before our eyes. What was true yesterday, as well as what was true hundreds and thousands of years ago, may not be true today. Thanks to the information revolution in our time, the hatred, apathy, ignorance and war between us will not last forever.


Cleaning The Hate: Unity from the Bottom

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